The project was started in July 2014. A first version of the route was created with a total distance of about 6475km and elevation gain of 150,000m. The current version is v004.



Here are some Java tools that were used to create HTML and KML files:

This diagram shows, how the output data of Garmin BaseCamp is processed by a custom software: In BaseCamp we have a collection of more than 100 segments. A part of those segments are combined to form the final track. They are sorted, enhanced by elevation data and finally filtered to reduce the number of track points. For compatibility with most GPS units the track is then split into parts with max. 10000 points each. It turned out that the calculated elevation gain is considerably higher than the actual measured value. Therefore the next task would be to improve the elevation filter.


This project is too big for one person. It could be converted into a community project. Do you want to contribute? I'm looking forward to your e-mail. This is the list of ToDo's: