Version 004

Cape Arkona - Tarifa

Instead of starting "in the middle of nowhere" this version starts on the coast of the Baltic sea at Rügen island. It then crosses the lowlands of northern Germany, the Mecklenburg Lake District to reach the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) and join the former versions of the route. More changes were made in Spain to accomplish a shorter route with a smoother profile. It has a distance of 4,400 km and elevation gain of 80,800 m. As the current working version it is subject to change.

In September 2015 the first 950 km of the German section were scouted. It took 8 days to get from Cape Arkona to the tripoint Saxony - Bavaria - Czech Republic. Certainly it can be ridden faster...


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SectionFileSizeDistanceElevation Gain
DE_v004DE_v004.kml1,122 KB1668 km24,540 m
CH_v004CH_v004.kml294 KB249 km5,840 m
FR_v004FR_v004.kml584 KB988 km23,300 m
ES_v004ES_v004.kml1,229 KB1492 km27,120 m


Older Versions

v001 - the first version of the route with a total distance of about 6,475 km and elevation gain of 150,000 m
v002 - shorter variant of v001 with less distance and elevation gain
v003 - 4,100 km. Many short cuts, bypassing the Alps