Version 003

This version was created in August 2014. It is the shortest route so far and veers away from the watershed in many places. The Czech ski resort Špindlerův Mlýn was chosen as the starting point, because it resembles Banff in some way. With roughly 4,100 km it is now shorter than the Great Divide and provides some reserve for future improvements. However, the elevation gain of 91,000 m is still too much compared to the Great Divide. So there is still some work to be done, especially in Spain.


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SectionFileSizeDistanceElevation Gain
CZ_v003CZ_v003.kml230 KB426 km9,000 m
DE_v003DE_v003.kml313 KB714 km13,300 m
CH_v003CH_v003.kml294 KB277 km8,400 m
FR_v003FR_v003.kml585 KB988 km23,300 m
ES_v003ES_v003.kml1,070 KB1672 km36,400 m


Older Versions

v001 - the first version of the route with a total distance of about 6,475 km and elevation gain of 150,000 m
v002 - shorter variant von v001 with less distance and elevation gain